No discussions to retract no-confidence motions: MP Aslam

MDP Parliamentary Group Leader MP Mohammed Aslam. | Photo: Majlis

There are no discussions on the retraction of the no-confidence motion against the Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed and Deputy Speaker Eva Abdullah, MDP Parliamentary Group Leader MP Mohammed Aslam said.

In reply to a question at a press conference held by the MDP Parliamentary Group yesterday, MP Aslam said that there are serious concerns among MPs about Nasheed’s ability to remain as the Speaker of Parliament.

He said the parliamentary group was not discussing the withdrawal of the no-confidence motions against Nasheed and Eva. Such a decision will be taken by the parliamentary group, he said.

Aslam said one of the reasons for the matter to have escalates so far was that Nasheed had personal ill will with some members and that some of them have also been treated insultingly.

Therefore, some MPs have serious concerns about keeping Nasheed as the Speaker of Parliament, he said.

While the second term of the Parliament this year is about 10 days away from the end, parliament has gone in to a deadlock. The parliament came to a halt after the MDP moved the impeachment of Speaker Mohammed Nasheed and Deputy-Speaker Eva, following which Nasheed decided to refrain from presiding over the parliament.

The last three sessions of the Parliament were presided over by Villufushi MP Hassan Afeef.

However, the rules of the parliament state that a member who so assumes the presidency cannot preside over more than three consecutive sessions. However, Nasheed has not made a new decision on who will preside over the parliament after MP Afeef.