MMC raises concerns over media bribery allegations

Maldives Media Council. Photo: MMC

Maldives Media Council (MMC) has voiced concerns over political parties alleging medias of taking bribes, an announcement says.

MMC has addressed comments made by PPM/Democrats alliance yesterday in a press conference held yesterday with the media. In yesterday’s press conference, several medias asked the newly formed alliance about their plans for upcoming Presidential elections, for which neither delegate gave a proper answer.

Instead, they showed visible frustration and anger towards the journalists and lashed out. From the Democrats, former MD of STO Husen Amr accused the journalists of asking questions sent by President’s Office. From PPM/PNC side, deputy leader of PNC Shujau said the journalists asking questions are directly sent by the President and refused to answer.

The alliance was asked questions about their allegations towards each other in the past, for which those questions were also sidelined and unanswered. Now Democrats leaders were extremely vigilant of former President Yameen’s regime, suspecting of fraudulent behavior.

Media reports had surfaced of the alliance’s dismissal prior to the day, saying neither party could agree on terms of selecting a single candidate to defeat President Solih. In yesterday’s presser Amr said both parties will select separate candidates, however, if need arise, they will unite behind one candidate.

Shuja said they are acting under strict instructions from their leader, former President Yameen Abdul Qayoom, indicating there are no inside conflicts within their senate for working with former foes, which was also reported in the media, the day before.

Regarding the allegations made by the alliance, MMC has released a statement requesting to stop the unprofessional behavior of accusing journalists and media without any proof. Actions like these poses unwanted threats and blockage to cover news independently, MMC said.