MMA to ease candidates bank account opening for election

Members of the Elections Commission of Maldives. | Photo: Elections

The Election Commission (EC) has reminded each candidate to open a separate bank account in their name to cover expenses related to the presidential election.

EC Vice-President Ismail Habeeb said that each presidential candidate should open a dedicated bank account (newly opened account) in the name of the candidate in a bank operating in Maldives to cover all election-related expenses.

Every candidate for the presidential election should pay all election-related expenses through the newly opened bank account and all financial assistance received by the candidate should be deposited into the newly opened account, he said.

The EC has held discussions with the Maldives Monetary Authority to arrange for the easy opening of such an account for the candidates, he said.

The presidential election was held on September 9. The election will be opened on the 23rd of this month.