Yameen cannot contest unless jail sentence is quashed: EC Fuwad

EC President Fuwad Thaufeeq with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih | Photo: President's Office

Former President Abdullah Yameen will not be able to contest the presidential election unless his jail sentence is quashed, Election Commission Chairman Fuwad Thowfeek has said.

Speaking on a program broadcast by a local media, Fuwad said the commission would not accept Yameen’s candidacy until the verdict was quashed.

“Yameen can submit the form but we will not accept it,” Fuwad said.

The commission will immediately accept Yameen’s candidacy if his sentence is quashed within the deadline open for contesting the presidential election, he said. He also added that they would accept Yameen’s candidacy even if the Supreme Court ordered it.

PPM has launched Yameen’s campaign while he is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence. The ruling has created obstacles for Yameen to contest the election.

Yameen was sentenced to 11 years in jail by the Criminal Court after being convicted of money laundering and accepting bribes.

He was fined USD 5 million and ordered to pay the money within six months. The appeal hearings in the High Court are now nearing completion.

Yameen has also been charged in the Fuggiri case involving the MMPRC scam. Yameen was charged with accepting bribes and money laundering. The trials are currently pending in the Criminal Court.