We want Fuwad as EC Chairman: Opposition

Deputy Leader of PNC Ibrahim Shujau | photo:PPM

Male’, Maldives – The opposition Progressive Coalition has stated that it will only take part in the upcoming local council elections after Elections Commission Chairman Ahmed Shareef is replaced with Commission member Fuwad Thaufeeq.

In a press conference held today, Deputy leader of PNC Ibrahim Shujau said that the coalition does not believe that a fair result could be obtained from the local council elections if Shareef remained as chairman of Election Commission. PNC is one of the two parties in the coalition. He also noted that the confidence of the opposition was on Fuwad as they believe that Fuwad will hold a fair election.

We will not take part in the election with him (Shareef). The election will not be fair with him. Fuwad Thaufeeq knows this best. PPM wishes to contest in the election with the appointment of Fuwad Thowfeek as chairman. He is the head we wish to appoint. Our trust is in Fuwad.

Ibrahim Shujau

Fuwad had served as the chairman when Former President Abdulla Yameen won the 2013 election. During his speech, Shujau also reiterated claims that Shareef had been involved in voter fraud in the last Presidential election and said that they will oust him before the election just as they did with Former Deputy Chairman Akram

We will oust him before the election. We ousted Former Deputy Chairman Akram, didn’t we? We will only contest the election after cleansing the Elections Commission.

Added Shujau

Allegation of voter fraud in the last Presidential election was also taken to the Supreme Court which saw no reason to annul the results.