Gov’t which I’m in will not steal from the people: Nasheed

Speaker of Parliament and former President, Mohamed Nasheed addressing The House of Democrats in Malé City. | Photo: The Democrats

The government he is involved in will not steal from the people, former President Mohammed Nasheed has said.

Speaking at the opening of “House of Democrats”, Nasheed said he left the MDP because the government was involved in other things that did not fulfil its promises to the people.

The network of theft and corruption in the government today is at a crumbling level and he does not want to fall into that trap, he said.

Nasheed said the people were crying for help in the most sensitive situation of COVID-19, but betrayal at that time is a lack of loyalty and humanity.

He said the theft of the ventilator should be investigated and if the perpetrators are not brought to justice, such incidents will happen again in the future.

In addition, the people do not want to give President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih a second term because the hopes given to the people have been in vain, he said.

Nasheed left the MDP when his close associates started working to form a party called The Democrats. Nasheed, however, has not yet signed up for the Democrats.

The Democrats have announced that they will nominate a candidate in the upcoming presidential election. The party is also holding a series of discussions with the opposition PPM-PNC to work together.