President Solih launches ‘oneGov’ platform, paving the way for digital gov’t transformation

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the unveiling ceremony for oneGov platform. | Photo: PO

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced on Monday that the country’s shift to a digital government is built upon the foundation of “oneGov.”

Unveiling the oneGov platform at an event held in Sultan Park, President Solih highlighted its significance in revolutionizing government services by providing a modern digital interface.

This interface ensures seamless interactions between the public and the government. Vice President Faisal Naseem was also present at the ceremony.

President Solih, during his speech, emphasized the citizen-centric approach of the oneGov platform, enabling remote access to government services.

He underscored the platform’s crucial role in the Maldives, a geographically isolated island nation, as it aids in combating climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The primary goal of the oneGov platform is to eliminate the need for inter-island travel to access government services. It addresses challenges arising from a lack of information and removes the inconvenience of printing forms for service applications.

President Solih emphasized that the platform, available for digital government services round the clock, will contribute to combating corruption, reducing paper consumption, and promoting environmental and economic growth.

Access to the oneGov platform is facilitated through the National Digital Identity Service called “efaas.” Initially, the platform integrates services from six government offices and institutions, with plans for continuous expansion by incorporating additional government services.

To provide assistance, three contact centers are established nationwide, offering in-person support as well as online consultations. President Solih encouraged the public to take advantage of the platform’s convenience and make use of its services.