Adeeb granted access to fly abroad for medical

Former VP Ahmed Adeeb | Photo: One Online

Convicted former Vice President of Maldives, Mr. Ahmed Adeeb has been granted access to fly for doctor-advised medical care, abroad, sources say.

Correctional Services, who are responsible for all convicted felons has refused to comment on the situation. However, local media source, Mihaaru news has reported citing the family of Adeeb, he has been given permission to fly abroad.

Adeeb has been given urgent care at IGMH also recently, before requesting to fly abroad for further medical assistance. Maldives Third-way Democrats, party Adeeb founded said he has been receiving medical care for a disease damaging his nervous center and if not properly cared, the situation might be fatal, his doctors told.

Adeeb was sentenced 20 years in jail in 2020, for his participation in MMPRC scandal. However, he has been cooperating with Prosecutor General’s Office which saw him get released to house arrest. He was a key witness against former President Abdulla Yameen’s previous conviction, which was later overturned in the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court ruled that Adeeb cannot be a witness against Yameen while being convicted himself for the same scandal.