Ali Waheed returns to Maldives as a free man

Former Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih | Photo: Rajje MV

Former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has returned to Maldives as a free man, correctional services say.

Ali Waheed fled the country in 2020 after Prosecutor General’s Office charged him for sexual abuse against former employees at the ministry. He was granted permission to leave the country for medical assistance but refused to return back to the country.

At that time it was reported, several female employees went to the President directly with Ali Waheed’s alleged continued sexual abuse towards them, hearing the stories made the President shed tears.

However, PG has now dropped all the charges due to all witnesses refusing to continue with the case give statements. Ali was summoned to the Supreme Court, in 2021. He was still seeking refuge in Great Britain and did not summon to the Court, for which Supreme Court sentenced him to jail for two months and 12 days for failure to comply with the Court.

This was also recused of him after Court announced he was given permission to join the hearing via online, and the Court made an error in claiming he was supposed to be present in person.

Hence, Correctional services has announced Ali Waheed does not have any jailed convictions and he is free to return to the country.