Aslam appointed as President’s running mate

Hithadhoo north constituency MP and chairperson of Parliament Committee on National Security Services, Mohamed Aslam | Photo: Maldives Parliament

The President and MDP Presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohammed Solih has appointed Hithadhoo North constituency MP Mohamed Aslam as his running mate in the upcoming presidential election.

Aslam, who is also the leader of the MDP parliamentary group, has now submitted a criminal record clearance application to the DGA.

It was rumored earlier that the President would appoint his five-year vice-president Faisal Naseem as his running mate. Aslam was next on the list, followed by Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid.

Aslam has been a member of the MDP since the beginning and worked with President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih in parliament.

However, politically, Aslam was previously closest to former MDP President Mohammed Nasheed, but the party’s internal conflict put Aslam on the side of President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih.