Aslam refuses to accept MDP election results

Hithadhoo Uthuthu constituency MP, and one of the two who ran for the position of Vice President of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Aslam has announced that he does not accept the results of the election held on Friday to determine the MDP leaders.

Aslam faced minister of President’s Office, Mohamed Shifaz as his opponent in the election who got 13،233 while Aslam fell short of 3276 votes, getting 9957 votes.

In an interview Aslam gave to “adduLIVE” he stated that he believes that due to suspicious activity and other discrepencies, he refuses to accept the election results and that he has now informed MDP of his decision as well.

He later tweeted saying that he has notified MDP of his decision along with 11 reasons and justification. However, so far, no response has been made by MDP with regards to the allegations.

While more than 80,000 people were claimed to have been eligible to vote in the MDP elections, only 27% of those members voted in the election on Friday, which is a total of 23،613 members. So far, the preliminary results show that Nasheed and Shifaz have secured their seats as president and vice president of the party respectively.