Apple unveils new Airpod Pro

Grandfathering their “best selling headphones in the world”, the Airpods, Apple has unveiled a much high-end version – AirPod Pro with a new design and new features, including noise cancellation and as expected, a higher price tag.
While the current starting price for a pair of Airpods is at USD150, the premium version are due to hit the stores on Wednesday and go on the price of USD249.
According to Apple, the new AirPods Pro comes with advances noise cancellation technology along with flexible ear tips to better fit in the user’s ears. Another highlight of the new product is a transparency mode, which would let users to listen to music while still hearing what goes on in the surrounding environment.
Other new features include audio sharing, which would allow users to sync up with a second pair of AirPods to listen to the same song or watch the same movie, as well as the ability for Siri to speak incoming messages.
The company has declined to share how many AirPods it’s sold to date, although CEO Tim Cook previously called the demand “phenomenal.”