ELL Mobile becomes Apple’s authorized reseller

| Photo: ELL Mobile

Malé, Maldives –  Local electronics store ELL Mobile has been selected as an authorized reseller of Apple’s products in the Maldives.

In an interview to news outlet “RajjeMV”, ELL Mobile’s Director Hussain Abdullah stated that Apple products have a high demand in Maldives and that they received authorized reseller status after long discussions with Apple.

The Director said that with this, Apple products in ELL Mobile would be cheaper, and warranty for apple electronics would now be available in the Maldives. He added that when any new Apple products are revealed, they will be officially launched at a set date in the Maldives, much like many other regions.

Assuring that all Apple products at ELL Mobile are genuine, he noted that all of Apple’s products are available at the store, and that they wish to open a Apple store in the Maldives.

Securing authorized resellership of a large corporation such as Apple not only improves quality of life for current Apple users in the country, but may also contribute to bringing in multiple other large companies to the Maldives.