Lebanon’s Prime Minister steps down amidst protests

photo: aljazeera

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri resigns from his position amidst non-stop protests.

These protests were broke out when the government decided to charge taxes on calls made through the popular social media application, Whatsapp. With the increased pressure from the citizens, the government decided to overturn their decision, only to have the protesters redirect their focus to the rampant corruption and economic issues of the country.

While it has been 13 days since the demonstrations began, the Prime Minister announced during an address to his people saying that his government and he have decided to step down.

“I’m at a dead end. Jobs come and go, but what’s important is the country. No one’s bigger than the nation.” Hariri said in a televised speech.

Hariri’s decision to step down has caused an uproar of celebrations among the protesters, although schools and banks still remain closed as a result of the protests.