134 Maldivians blacklisted in connection to terrorism: Al Jazeera

Major media network Al Jazeera revealed on Thursday night that the Turkish government has blacklisted 134 Maldivians have been blacklisted in connection to terrorist acts in Syria.

Over the years, a significant number of Maldivians have made their way to take part in the conflict via the Turkish-Syria boarder, where many have been killed on the battlefield.

The documentary published by the news network stated that in addition to the blacklisted Maldivian nationals, 25 Maldivians have also been deported from Turkey in suspicion of attempting to enter war zones.

On Thursday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared that all the Anti Terrorism Act has been amended to include all areas of Syria as war zones, resulting in the prohibition of all Maldivian citizens travelling to Syria without authorization.

The recent amendments to the Act results in a prison sentence of five to seven years for any individual who defies the Act.