Percentage of Maldivians going to war is high – NCTC

Director General of National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) Brigadier Zakariyya Mansoor | Photo: PSM

Male’, Maldives – Number of Maldivians going to war, in comparison to the total population of the country is high, says Director General of the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), Brigadier Zakariyya Mansoor.

Speaking at a program of local news channel “Raajje TV”, Zakariyya said that a large number of locals are participating in the civilian war in Syria. He detailed that the number is around 170, which includes their family and children as well.

“In comparison with the population of the country, it is a very high percentage. Things have happened which has lead us to say that the highest worldwide percentage is of Maldivians.” he said.

Zakariyya also went on to stress that participating in such wars taking place on foreign soil is against the law of the country, and that for such activities to stop, we must all follow the law accordingly.

“When Maldivians get into such foreign matters, the truth is that if reflects upon all Maldivians. And the Maldives as well. Maldives has always been described as a calm, quite place with friendly people and pristine natural beauty. But because of this, sometimes even that image gets tarnished.” Zakariyya said.

He also revealed that the Center is doing the necessary work along side the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant authorities to bring back some individuals who have gone to Syria, as they have been requesting to come back.