President Nasheed receives an unexpected cold welcome from Addu

Crowd to welcome President Nasheed in Addu: Photo/Facebook

Hithadhoo, Addu City: Former President and Speaker of Parliament Mr. Mohamed  Nasheed received an unexpected cold welcome from the second largest population in the country.

Ruling party, MDP’s most senior activists have been trying to get maximum supporters to receive Nasheed, although a significant reduction in numbers have been seen from his last two visits to Addu City.

Certain long-term party members are rather frustrated with the government as we are about to celebrate the one year anniversary of President Solih’s administration without any significant positive changes for the city.

Also, ‘adduLIVE’ understands hundreds of MDP supporters are withdrawing their support for the former President Nasheed, due to his remarks regarding the controversial issue of MDN’s report which includes blasphemy for the Prophet and the Islamic ways.

MDP is yet to comment on any issue even though the party has informed the public, Mr. Nasheed received a rather warm welcome from the supporters.