Addu’s economic prosperity is in East Africa: Speaker Nasheed

Addu City, Maldives – The Former President and current Speaker of the Maldives Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, has said that Addu’s economic future lies in East Africa.

Nasheed has said this in speaking virtually at the MDP Maradhoo campaign event. He highlighted the location of Addu on the map and called to open sea travel to East Africa.

Start travel routes to East Africa. Go to Mombasa again. Connect Addu and East Africa. That is where wealth lies for Addu.

Mohamed Nasheed, Former President and current speaker

In addition to this, Nasheed said that there is no reason Addu cannot be a hub for weather research since the atoll is located close to the equator. He said that the Climate Change Department of Maldives National University should be expanded to attract foreign students.

The Police Academy built by India in Addu City should be a strategic studies department to enhance the security of the Indian Ocean as per Nasheed. He called out to Addu people to becomes experts in this area.

Developing Gan International Airport and land reclamation for airport development should be allocated for Addu people. Addu Council should have shares and should run the Southern Regional Port.

Addu Council should also have the independent power to manage the utility sector of the city under the Decentralization Act. He further told Addu citizens to not limit thinking to present benefits and focus on long term development.