Development projects for Addu will begin in March: Nasheed

Large scale projects toward the development of Addu can only begin in Addu, said former president and speaker of the People’s Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed.

Speaking at the Feydhoo MDP office during his visit to Addu City, he said that according to the Minister of Finance and Treasury, the budget allocated for Addu would be greater than that of Male’. Also stated that the budget for roads, harbours as well as the airport and electricity issues has already been received by the Maldivian government from the Indian bank Exim.

“From how things have progressed so far, I expect the projects which I have mentioned to start during March of next year” said the Speaker.

However, he mentioned that although the bigger projects would begin in March, smaller scale projects are ongoing even now and that he has received information that the council and government are due to sign agreements on the 6th of November to commence more projects in the city.

He also said that the benefits of the projects as well as the powers gained by the councils by the Decentralization Act would be seen next year.

While Addu played a major role in electing the current government, the people of Addu are dissatisfied with the the government, despite the reassurance of Nasheed, since no major developments have taken place in the city as the country is about to mark the end of the first year of this presidency.