“Plans to overthrow the president shall not succeed”

Ruling party MDP is trying to overthrow the current President of Maldives, says coalition party JP’s leader.

Speaking on a gathering held to welcome new members, Gasim Ibrahim once again threw shade to the former President and Parliament Speaker Mr. Nasheed. Gasim suspects, ‘some people’ in the leadership plans to throw the president out of the picture, just because he’s not from the capital.

But that’s not something ‘they’ can do, Gasim said.

“This government was brought to power with the help of many people, among them, myself too. So we will not allow that to happen,” Gasim added.

He said MDP is deliberately disrupting the government’s plan to fulfill the promises. “First they said MVR20 bn was not enough, now they are saying even MVR40 bn is not enough. This is done to throw the president away, we will not let it happen.”

Ever since the general election held in April where ruling coalition’s MDP competed against JP and won a landslide victory, Gasim and President Nasheed had conflicts. JP publicly said they have no complaints against President Solih’s administration, however, sometimes harsh words are exchanged due to Nasheed’s behavior. President Nasheed did not say anything regarding this remark.