Gasim Abdul Kareem appointed to NIC

Gasim Abdul Kareem (Center Left) | Photo: Maldives Independent

Male’, Maldives – The Committee on Independent Institutions has chosen to appoint Gasim Abdul Kareem of  Lh. Naifaru to the  National Integrity Commission (NIC).

A spot for National Integrity Commission (NIC) became vacant after the dismissal of the commission’s President Ahmed Sulaiman. Gasim’s name was recommended to the Parliament by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. In the rundown of individuals who applied to this post, Gasim’s name was on the top.

The Committee on Independent Institutions interviewed him and passed his name for NIC with an aggregate of 10 votes in support of him from the 11 votes.

Gasim was the former Manager of Bank Nilandhoo Branch, during which time, he exposed suspicious transactions made by SoF Pvt Ltd., which ultimately lead to the unveiling of the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Company (MMPRC) grand corruption scandal.

He was arrested and charged under Article 232 (Unlawful Acquisition of Information) and Section 233 (Unlawful Disclosure of Information) of the Penal Code. He was proven guilty and was jailed for 8 months and 12 days, but was then released on 17th of November 2016.