Deadly accident kills teen in Hulhumale’

A 13 year-old girl lost her life last night in a deadly clash after a bus hit a motorbike.

K. Thulusdhoo, Bonaseyra, Fathmath Anjum Shafeeq and her mother was hit from behind by a careless driver on a bus. Bystanders said Anjum was thrown away with the hit. Even though she was wearing a helmet, the crash was hard enough for it to crack to her skull, and bleeding out, media reports say.

She was immediately brought to Treetop Hospital, the best in the country. However, damage was already done and she had lost her life before surgeons reached her.

The driver, Anjum’s mother was brought to Hulhumale’ hospital. Although she received some injuries, the fall didn’t cause any major harm to her.

The driver of the bus had fled the scene, but later stopped and arrested by the police. Some reports say the driver left without knowing he had caused an accident. Police are investigating the incident.

Anjum was the only child of the family. Her sudden death has left the whole of Thulusdhoo and the rest of country shocked and devastated.