Supreme Court Judge Areef resigns as head of JSC

Supreme Court Judge, Ahmed Areef has resigned from his post as the head of Judicial Service Commission(JSC).

His resignation has come at a time where JSC heavily investigates numerous high ranking judges for their gross misconduct, including Judge Areef and Chief Justice, Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi.

JSC has already investigated former SC Judge Abdulla Didi, and with the findings of their investigation, the People’s Majilis has ousted him for allegations of bribery and misuse of power.

The reasons for the sudden resign of Judge Areef remains unknown. He has not given any explanation to media, nor has the Supreme Court or the JSC.

Opposition heavily criticized JSC for their target of high ranking judges, saying that the government is trying to influence the Judiciary through JSC.

However, the current President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih promised to take the long roots of corruption inside the court rooms and ‘clean’ the Judiciary in his regime. JSC have said the same under President Solih’s administration.