JSC decides on the removal of Chief Justice, which he has refused to accep

Photo: Edition.mv

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has decided to remove the Chief Justice, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Didi from office, which he has since refused to accept.

On Wednesday, the judicial watchdog decided upon the suspension of the Chief Justice as well as Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohammed and to be submitted to the Majilis for their removal from office. The Judiciary Committee of the Majilis accepted the request of JSC and ruled in favour of the commission on Thursday.

In a statement released by Dr. Didi, he called out on JSC saying that their decision had no legal basis as the commission had no legal or conventional authority to make such a decision, yet claimed the authority unto themselves on their own and made the decision with no respect to the constitution or its implications.

“Since acting on that decision would be against the oath I have taken as the Chief Justice of Maldives, and a treacherous act toward the Maldivian people as well as the constitution of the country, I would like to let the people of Maldives know that I have refused to accept that decision.”

Apart from this, Dr. Didi also expressed his concerns over the reassigning of the daily operations of the Supreme Court to Justice Abdullah Areef, saying that authority to make such decisions are beyond the scope of the commission’s jurisdictions.

It is believed that Majilis will vote on the matter of the removal of the two Justices on Monday.