Maldives has never seen a more autocratic government than this: Yameen

Photo: Sun

Former President of Maldives, Abdullah Yameen Abdul Qayyoom has accused this government of being the most autocratic administration this country has ever seen.

In a rally held by the opposition coalition, Yameen said that when two of the three powers are given to one and when the judiciary is destroyed, it doesn’t classify was a democracy, but more like a kingdom. He also added that the outcome of such situations is the worst and most autocratic of administrations, and that this is even worse and more autocratic than that.

He further added to his accusation of the current administrations efforts to destroy the judiciary, saying that the judiciary was in fact, destroyed on the 1st of February last year and that what is happening now is the result of it.

He also reminded that the personnel in charge of protecting this country needs to think over the oath they have taken towards protecting this country, stressing that there are no properly functioning institutions in this country with no way to make them accountable either.

While Yameen’s accusations were aimed at the judiciary, interestingly, JSC has suspended the chief justice, Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi and Supreme Court Justice, Adam Mohamed. The watchdog has also sent the name of both justices to the Judiciary Committee of the Mililis, to be removed from office.

The committee has since ruled in favour of JSC and it is believed that a parliamentary vote would be called on Monday with regards to the matter.