Raudha was killed by suicide: Commission

Vouge model Raudha Athif who was found dead while in Bangladesh was killed by suicide, ruled the Presidential Commission on Unresolved Murders and Enforced Disappearances.

The report detailing the investigations and findings with regards to the death of Raudha has already been presented to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Raudha, who was a medical student at Islamic Bank Medical College, Rajshahi in Bangladesh was found dead in her dorm room in 2017. While suspicions were initially directed at a classmate of Raudha, Rajshahi police later declared that it was in fact suicide. It was later revealed by the police that Raudha committed suicide after arguments with her boyfriend, despite her family refusing to accept the claim by police.

The report prepared by the commission is said to have been compiled with the assistance of relevant authorities of Bangladesh.