Report on the death of Afraasheem and Raudha to be published this week

Caption: Dhaka Tribune

Reports on the high profile deaths of former MP of Ungoofaaru constituency, Afraasheem Ali and model Raudha Athif will be published within this week, announced President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

While speaking at the Republic Day ceremony, the president acknowledged his receival of the report last week and declared that he will be sharing the documents with the relevant authorities.

“I will be sharing the report with the relevant authorities in order to take forward the information sited in the two reports and will also make the information with regards to the report public.” said the president.

The infamous Islamic scholar and former MP, Afraasheem was murdered on 30 September, 2012 in the stairwell of his residence, H. Funviluge at approximately 1:30 am. While two suspects were charged, only Hussain Humaam was convicted for the murder of Afraasheem.

In the case of 21 year old Raudha’s death, she was found dead in 2017 in her college dorm room in Bangladesh, where she was studying to become a doctor. Although a class mate of Raudha was a person of interest, the Bangladeshi police declared that Raudha died by suicide following quarrels with her love interest.