Afrasheem was killed by extremist group: Report

Former MP and Islamic scholar, Dr. Afrasheem Ali was killed by extremist groups operating in the Maldives, DDCOM report claims.

Highlights of the report were announced in the Parliament on Monday by Speaker Mohamed Nasheed. According to the report, the group which are responsible for Dr. Afrasheem’s death are two men named Mohamed Mazeedh and Samith Mohamed. It also revealed that the leader of the murder was H. Hilton, Azlif Rauf.

Interestingly, Mohamed Mazeedh and Samith Rauf were also involved in the disappearance and ultimate death if journalist, AhmedRilwan, according to the report by DDCOM on Rilwan’s disappearance.

As per the evidence the report stated that H. Hilton, Azlif Rauf, H. Lobby, Hussain Humaam Ahmed, H. Coast, Ali Shaan, a minor as well as several other persons were involved. However, since the other persons left the country for war shortly after the murder, it has been difficult to investigate the case, the report also said.

In the report, it was mentioned that Dr. Afrasheem was killed due to his addressing of certain topics, including him stating that difference in opinion of an Islamic scholar cannot declare him as someone who does not believe, and that such matters cannot be definitively declared. He also said that Muslims should not argue and quarrel with one another on such matters, the report said.

The investigative report highlighted that many groups, including Salaf group have been trying to monger hate within the community with regards to the late Islamic scholar. The reasons of such disapproval towards him were explained as Afrasheem’s different view point on matters such as parts of the women’s body which are to be covered among others.

Dr. Afrasheem was killed in his residence on early 1st October 2012.