Nasheed and Shifaz secure another term in leadership

Minister at the President’s Office And Vice President of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Shifaz (Shippe) seen with Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: MDP

Maldives largest political party, MDP held its inside elections to elect a president and his vice yesterday.

The election conducted in the whole of Maldives was rather unpopular as statistics show that merely 30% went out to vote despite their strong numbers in the parliament primary elections.

President Nasheed who is the speaker of Parliament was the sole candidate running for the presidency. He secured his seat with more than 23,000 voters decided he is fit for the role.

Minister of the President’s Office, Mr. Shifaz competed against President Nasheed’s closest ally, MP Mohamed Aslam. Shifaz won the election by more than three thousand votes. Shifaz got 13,233 votes while Aslam got 9,957.

Final results are not yet in, however, MDP senior members are congratulating Nasheed and Shifaz for their victories.

MDP said they have more than 80,000 vote eligible voters listed but only 23,000 showed up to vote. Boxes were kept in all the inhabited islands as well as a center in Colombo, Sri Lanka.