Religious calls are unnecessary in Maldives: Nasheed

Religious calls and meetings are not necessary in a country like Maldives, former President Nasheed says.

In a seminar held in L. Gan, yesterday, Nasheed said he does not understand the need of spreading God’s word in Maldives, a country where Islam is practiced by the whole population.

Islamic scholars’ criticized Nasheed for his remarks, which were expected. Dr. Iyaz, a lecturer in MNU said Presidency is not for Mr. Nasheed due to his remarks. It was Dr. Iyaz who was aimed Nasheed’s criticism in the first place.

Nasheed said he is infact a Muslim, and he practices Islam so there is no need for Iyaz to lecture him about his religion. And the rest of the country is also in a similar place, Nasheed added.

The former president Nasheed is constantly criticized for remarks like these, even by his own supporters. Maldives has a 100% islamic population and remarks like these are widely unpopular.