Rayyithunge Ihthihaad calls for repercussions against Nasheed after Christmas remarks

Members of Political party Rayyithunge Ihthihaad | Photo : Avas

Male’, Maldives – Political party Rayyithunge Ihthihaad has sent a letter to Minister of Home Affairs Sheikh Imran Abdullah calling for action to be taken against Former President and Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed and Former Adhaalath Party President Hussain Rasheed Ahmed after both expressed their opinions on Christmas.

The letter by Rayyithunge Ihthihaad noted that Nasheed and Hussain Rasheed have expressed opinions on media that are a violation of ‘The Law on the Protection of the Religious Unity’ and that there statements convey opinions of non-Muslims and support other people to ‘make the same mistake.’

The letter noted that while the two mentioned face such serious allegations, and that while their actions on media clearly show their beliefs, the party is troubled as the two have not been subject to any investigations.

Rayyithunge Ihthihaad stated that Nasheed and Hussain Rasheed saying that celebrating Christmas is allowed goes against the Maldivian Constitution and is not permitted in Islam. Citing this, they called for investigations into their statements at once, and demanded that swift action be taken.

The letter also stated that due the current positions held by the two accused, they may influence any investigations conducted on them, thus they need to be suspended for their posts till investigations conclude

Rayyithunge Ihthihaad realed that they sent the letter to Minister Imran as they believed that celebrating occasions of other religions is an attempt to normalize other said religions, and to introduce other religions the Maldives through ” trickery and deceit”. The party added that they believe this was an attempt to give way to blasphemous statements in the infamous MDN report.