Police investigate spray painting of Islamic State logo in Maaungoodhoo

A team of police have traveled to Sh. Maaungoodhoo to investigate complaints of a group who came to the island and spray painted the Islamic State logo on properties of the island.

Police have revealed that so far, they have received no information regarding a boat donning the IS logo arriving to the island, but that they are investigating the spray painted IS logos on the walls of buildings in the same island.

According to the island council, a team of Sh. Fonadhoo police have arrived to the island and have begun investigations, however, so far no one has been arrested with regards to the events.

The council also revealed that while two fishing vessels harboured in the island, it is believed that this act was conducted by the crew of one of the vessels and that the stationary required to spray paint the walls were procured from a shop in the island.