UPDATE: Pedophile grandfathers held at Dhoonidhoo jail

On Friday, the entire country felt the pain of a two year old toddler raped by three generations of males in her family. The news stirred outrage throughout the nation, calling for immediate punishment for all those responsible.

Following the outburst on social media and protests later on, all three pedophiles were arrested. While the father (33) of the child was arrested in Hulhumale’ and transferred to Dhoonidhoo the same night, the grandfather (62) and great grandfather (81) were arrested in GA. Kan’duhulhudhoo.

Due to the suspension of the Magistrate of GA. Kan’duhulhudhoo Magistrate Court, also over sexual abuse towards a child, the authorities attempted to transport the pair to GA. Villingili for a remand hearing. However, the islanders were quick to protest and did now allow them onto the island. The people of Thinadhoo also protested and did not allow the pedophiles onto their island as well.

They were then taken to Gemanafushi where they were ordered to be remanded for 15 days and transported to Dhoonidhoo via Kaadedhhoo and Male’, where they will be held throughout the duration of the investigation. Photos circulating on social media of the two at Velana International Airport showed that neither of them had handcuffs on and that the great grandfather was in a wheelchair.

The child in question has since been removed from the family and taken into state care.