Maldivian “Mas Riha” listed 6th best curry in the world

The Maldivian special fish curry “Mas Riha” has been named the 6th best curry in the world by CNN.

The travel segment of the news website described Mas Riha as “Creamy and decadent, this delicious dish is typically made with coconut milk, fresh chilies, cinnamon, a mix of spices and chunks of diced tuna.”

The Maldivian curries are often consumed with either rice or flat bread (roshi) and often vary in tastes across the country. The tastes you might find up north would be very different from what you get in the mid and south of the country as well.

For instance, Laamu atoll is famous for it “golha riha” which is a curry made from deboned balls of reef fish. Addu, the most southern atoll of Maldives is famous for it’s home made curry paste known as the “Addu Havaadha”, which brings a unique twist to the curries.

The curries of the small island nation are not just of fish, but also come in beef, chicken and even vegan options such as eggplant, cauliflower and green bananas.

Most of the curry flavours are said to have been adopted from a mix of Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries during the old sea trade days.