Hulhumeedhoo Koagannu area developed by BML community fund

Hulhumeedhoo, Addu City – Raafalhaa Beach, near the oldest cemeteries in the Maldives and an important historical landmark, Koagannu has been developed under the ‘Aharenge Bank Community Fund’ of Bank of Maldives (BML).

The development entails huts, swings and benches for visitors to rest and socialize. Public Relations Manager of BML said that “A place where people visiting the historical ‘Koagannu’ area has been developed under this project. I want to highlight that this has been realized by the initiative and effort of the women of this island. It is a pleasure to have been a part of the development of a place where the residents and visitors of this island can enjoy.”

Fareeda Ibrahim, who led this project stated that anyone who visits the island is sure to visit this area and that years back, this area used to be unkempt. “We wanted to create a more pleasing environment for the people who visit this area. We got the BML funding while we were struggling to develop the place at the pace we wanted with our own money. This is an initiative of the women and the entire work here has been done by us women.” Fareeda said.

Raafalhaa Beach is now a place where people of all ages go to enjoy and socialize together including celebration of special occasions, meals, and even informative sessions.

The BML Aharenge Bank Community Fund is a programme which grants MVR50,000 to the best five proposals submitted to BML each quarter of the year for projects focusing on areas such as volunteerism, education, sport, community and environment.

The project has granted over one million for projects in 20 different islands in the year 2019.