Maldives increases measures to prevent Covid-19 case in the country

Authorities of the Maldives have decided to increase the measures taken to prevent a Covid-19 case in the country, based on the high number of cases reported around the world and the steps taken by other countries as counter measures of the fast spreading virus.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) released a statement today stating that although no positive cases have been identified in the Maldives, the authority has decided to broaden the measures being taken to prevent the virus from entering the country by working on a national level with all relevant government authorities and institutions.

It is reported that efforts have been initiated to set up a travel clinic in Male’ in order to screen travelers coming into the country for the virus. Furthermore a special flu clinic is to be set up in Senehiya Hospital within the week in order to combat the seasonal flu which typically spreads during this time of the year.

In addition to this, a special emergency drill has also been scheduled for Monday “to aware the relevant authorities on the necessary steps should an individual from a general household be positive for the novel corona virus (Covid-19) and to strengthen the current measures in place with regards to combatting the virus”, said HPA. It is expected that the drill would cover measures such as prevention of further spreading of the virus within a household of a patient already infected as well as measures on how to quarantine such an area.

Although no cases have been identified in the country as of now, travelers have been quarantines from time to time in the country as well.