China lifts 11 week lockdown from Wuhan

Photo: The Economist

China has lifted the lockdown placed on Wuhan city, the epicenter of the pandemic Covid-19, and capital of Hubei province, after 76 days.

With the highways, railways and airports opening up in the city, health residents and visitors in Wuhan will be able to travel out of the city. While this is so, there will still be movement restrictions to an extent within the city to ensure no local or imported cases re-emerge in the city.

The decision is followed by almost no local cases of Covid-19 being reported in the city in recent weeks. Various parts of Hubei province were also opened up during last month following the same.

However, epidemic control experts of the city warn that with the opening up of boarders in the city, the likelihood of imported and remerging of local transmissions is a possibility and that strict counter measures would be needed to be kept in place.

Covid-19 first started spreading in the  11 million metropolitan city in December of 2019 and the city was placed on lockdown on 23rd January, 2020.