Covid-19: Madives has spent MVR 892.3 million so far

Photo: Thomas Peter/Reuters

Male’, Maldives – Until now MVR 892.3 million was spent on Covid-19 related purposes.

Last week an increase of 2.9% in expenses has been seen than the week before, according to the latest reports published by the Ministry of Finance. The most was spent by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

While NDMA spent MVR 584.4 million, IGMH has spent MVR 141.1 million.

Furthermore, the statistics revealed by the Ministry of Finance indicates that the NSPA spent MVR 4.4 million as subsidy and grant. In addition, MVR 3 million has been from the Zakat Fund as well as MVR 3.7 million from MFA.

The statistics has also shown that MVR 74 million was spent on purchasing PPE and test kits by the Ministry of Health, as well as MVR 29 million on the quarantine and isolation facilities.