Covid-19: Children positive cases rise above 100

Male’, Maldives – Positive cases of children in Maldives rises above 100 out of 1,841 cases.

Pediatrician Dr. Ahmed Faisal stated that the average positive cases of youngsters in Maldives is more compared to other countries.

The dashboard revealed by HPA shows that til date 102 children have tested positive for the virus – 55 boys and 47 girls.

While the positive cases of children include four cases of Sri Lankan nationalities, the rest are Maldivian cases.

Among the cases there are:

  • 2 infants below the age of eight months.
  • 2 infants of six months.
  • 50 children between the age 1-10.
  • 48 children between the age 11-17.

At present 2 infants are receiving hospital care.

Dr. Faisal stated that these two infants are below the age of 8 months. Although they have a fever, neither of the infants are reported to have any other flu symptoms.

Dr. Faisal also disclosed that one of the infants had diarrhea and also had vomited due to the virus. However, they are now in a better condition.

At present, there are 1841 positive cases in Maldives. While 608 people have recovered, 7 have passed away.