Covid-19: No new cases in New Zealand for 15 days in a row

Wellington, New Zealand– For 15 days in a row, New Zealand has not recorded a new case of Covid-19.

The Health Ministry of New Zealand stated that as of June 5, 3007 tests were completed and only one case remains active now. This remaining active case is of an individual in their 50s.

New Zealand has 1,504 confirmed and probable cases up to date. While 1,481 people have recovered from the virus, 22 have passed away.

Currently there are no cases receiving care in the hospital for the virus in New Zealand, the Health Minister stated.

Furthermore, out of the 16 cluster cases in New Zealand, 8 significant cases have now been closed. A cluster case is decided to close if no cases relating to the cluster has been found in 28 days in a row.

On 8th June, New Zealand is set to lift Covid-19 restrictions

However, the Ministry of New Zealand has said that they would closely monitor the country for possibilities of any new cases and will be reviewing the control measures needed to prevent and manage any spread of Covid-19. Masks are likely to be used by the public even after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted in New Zealand