New Zealand tightens lock down measures in “dangerous new phase”

Photo: Getty Images

Wellington, New Zealand – New Zealand introduced stricter lock down measures to strengthen its boarders as Covid-19 cases increased.

The government of New Zealand renewed their health order with 14 days of mandating quarantine and a new measure to ensure that the people that arrive in New Zealand must test for the virus and must have a negative result before leaving quarantine. They may even have to take multiple tests to be certain of the test result.

The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arderin informed that the reason for new cases to rise again in New Zealand is due to their citizens returning back home, with a doubling amount of people over the past month as most of the countries eased their lock down restrictions. New Zealand has also seen various flights arriving in from parts of the world which has a lot of Covid-19 cases.

On Saturday, more than 200 travelers that arrived to New Zealand were put on buses and taken to hotels in Rotorua for isolation where these people can be kept separated as all the isolation facilities in Aukland was full.

As more people started arriving the country from overseas, New Zealand increased active positive cases from none to nine.

A public official of New Zealand, Ashley Bloomfield disclosed details of some of the cases that have been positive in New Zealand saying that the latest confirmed case was of a teenage girl who had arrived from Islamabad and had only a runny nose for a symptom of Covid-19. The second case was of a man in his 30’s who arrived from India and had displayed no symptoms for the virus.

Bloomfield had previously said that after the restrictions were lifted in the country, the were always expecting new cases at the boarder as the citizens of New Zealand return home from overseas and were ready to face it.

However, the government has been under increasing pressure in the last week for its management of quarantine and isolation facilities, as two women that entered the country from UK were allowed to travel to Wellington to visit a dying relative. These two were later tested positive for Covid-19.