Covid-19: WHO donates 5000 test kits to Maldives

Male’ Maldives – World Health Organization (WHO) donates 5000 test kits to help Maldives fight against the ongoing pandemic Covid-19.

Health Minister Abdulla Ameen thanked the Maldivian representative of WHO, Dr. Arvind Mathur for the help and support lend by the World Health Organization to Maldives.

Along with the tests kits for testing the virus, WHO has donated 41,000 test kits to Maldives all together up to date.

The World Health Organization assured the ministry that in the upcoming days they would be continuously providing Maldives with test kits, and are working hard to increase the amount of test kits provided to Maldives.

To fight against the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, the World Health Organization has provided help to the Maldives in various ways. Including preparing the Maldives for the alarming situation, providing ways to test for the virus in different places of Maldives, and arranging organizations to provide help to the Maldives.