Schools instructed to prepare for reopening


The Ministry of Education instructs the schools to prepare for reopening with regard to progress towards a new normal in Maldives.

For the step towards the new normal, the Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali signed a circular instructing the schools to prepare for reopening and has sent it to all the schools in Maldives.

The circular stated that the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and other relevant institutions held discussions and has decided to reopen the schools for studies. They have also discussed on how the studies will be conducted in schools based on the current situation of Maldives due to covid-19.

With regard to covid-19, the schools in Maldives were advised to temporarily close on March 2020. However,  the Education Minister has also recently stated that the schools will be opened shortly and that they would be taking all the possible restrictions required to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The circular read that the sessions and classes will be held based on the situation of the virus in each island and on the amount of students in each school.

The HPA will inform when the schools would reopen, however the circular states that the schools should start the preparation for the reopening as per the instructions given on the circular.