Even if foreign teachers are not in Maldives, online classes will continue

Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives —  Education minister has informed that even if the foreign teachers have not returned back to Maldives from their respective countries, they will continue to take classes for the students via online.

Last night on a coverage program regarding Covid-19, the principal of Afeefuddin school in Kulhudhuffushi, Naseeha Idhrees disclosed that the foreign teachers that were repatriated, do not wish to come back to Maldives.

“We have 11 foreign staffs in our school. Non of these staffs wish to return to Maldives.”, Naseeha Idhrees stated.

Education Ministry has decided to reopen the schools on 1st July in islands where no Covid-19 cases were confirmed. However, in Male’, the schools will be opened for grades above 9.

“Ministry decided to provide the teachers easiness when carrying out online classes for the students. They have also managed ways to let students and teachers that are in Quarantine to participate in the online classes. Therefore, the teachers outside of Maldives will also be given the opportunity to teach their students online” an official of the Education Ministry disclosed.

The Education Ministry has decided to reopen the schools along with many protective measures, such as, regular disinfection of the schools, providing methods for the students to wash their hands and along with mandatory requirement for every student to wear face masks in the school. In addition to these measures, their temperature will also be checked to see if they have signs of fever before allowing the students inside the school.