Details of pedophile who raped 11 year old child disclosed

Male’, Maldives – Details of the pedophile who raped an 11 year old girl in a guest house in Male’ has finally been disclosed by Maldives Police Service.

Anees Hilmee (38y) of Silsilaage, HA. Baarah was arrested on the 12th of June at 22:13, while at this home. According to the police, the initial complaint was filed sometime after noon on the 10th June, upon while police sought an arrest warrant, and apprehended him.

Police further revealed that it has come to light during the course of the investigation that Anees had groomed the child prior to taking her to the guest house.

Police have vowed to seek the maximum punishment against those who commit sexual offenses against children, those who blackmail and rape children as well as those who groom and force children to commit crimes.

While the case has been marked as a serious case and is being investigated by the Family and Child Protection department of police, as a first in five years, Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed requested Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem to file a motion to keep the pedophile in detention through out his trial.

The request was made under Article 30 of the Special Provisions Act to deal which child sex offenders, which states that the Commissioner of Police may request the Prosecutor General to file such a motion in order to detain a person suspected of committing an offense prescribed under the Act, in custody during the investigation and trial period, where ever the police may deem necessary to invoke the special procedures set out under the Act.

Local media reported that the Prosecutor General had revealed that the initial motion has been denied by court on the grounds that a number of required documents were lacking.

However, during the remand hearing on Sunday, the Criminal Court remanded him into police custody for seven days, during which the PG office will be securing all required documents and request the pedophile to be jailed as a request for the extension of the detention.

Police have advised the public to stay vigilant and pay special attention towards ensuring the safety of children. Any offenses against children may be reported to the Family and Child Protection Department of Maldives Police Service at 3000600 or the Gender Ministry hotline 1412.