Repatriation flight from Sri Lanka to Maldives this week

Maldives Insider

A repatriation flight to Maldives has been arranged from Sri Lanka on the 10th of June for Maldivian citizens who wish to come back to their country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives has stated that the first flight to operate from Sri Lankan airlines will bring back the Maldivian citizens that have been in Sri Lanka for medical purposes, as travelers, the students who have completed their course but were unable to return back and those who wish to come back regarding health issues and financial problems.

Although for the first flight, the capacity may not be enough for all the Maldivian citizens that wish to come, the ministry has assured that they would be arranging more flights from Colombo to Male’ in the upcoming days.

Ministry stated that the government is currently working on bringing back the Maldivian citizens who are in need of returning back to their country from countries other than Sri Lanka as well. Furthermore, the ministry has also stated that they would be on the look out for the changing restrictions and safety rules set regarding the Covid-19 depending on the situation of the country.

The citizens that will be brought back from other countries will also have to be quarantined in an advised way for the informed amount of time given by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).