Foreign teachers cannot express divisive opinions: Education Ministry

HDh. Hanimaadhoo School | Photo: EduMaldives

Malé, Maldives – Ministry of Education stated that foreign teachers in Maldives cannot express opinions that are divisive to Maldivian society.

The ministry stated this after two Indian teachers in Maldives had publicly supported Israel in the Israel-palestine conflict, on Facebook, and were suspended from their jobs. One was a teacher in HDh. Hanimaadhoo school and was fired and sent back to India. The other was in Sh. Lhaimagu, and was suspended and deported from the island.

Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Ahmed Ali said that the contract signed by foreign teachers state that acting against the religion and culture of Maldives is prohibited. He added that foreign teachers must abide by the same code of conduct as civil teachers, especially since they are educators.

Ahmed Ali added that the new code of conduct being made for the workers in Education Industry will enable the Education Ministry to eliminate such incidents.

We will give a rightful punishment by considering the size of the violation. We will give them a chance to justify what they did, and will come to a decision.

Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Ahmed Ali

Even though the two teachers were suspended from their schools, the final decision will be made by the Education Ministry. The ministry has not yet decided on the penalty.

The two teachers are currently in Malé. There is public discourse due to this incident about the freedom of speech by some while others applaud the schools’ decision.