345 people home quarantined in Addu

Addu City, Maldives — Addu EOC has disclosed that currently there are 345 people home quarantined in Addu.

They are 156 people in 76 houses of Hithadhoo, 33 peole in 16 houses of Maradhoo, 10 people in 5 houses of Maradhoofeydhoo, 54 people in 27 houses of Feydhoo, 60 people in 24 houses of Hulhudhoo and 32 people in 17 houses of Meedhoo.

While everyone has to stay in home quarantined for 14 days, they will only be discharged from quarantine if they get tested negative for Covid-19 after 14 days.

HPA declared special regulations to allow those who were stuck in Male’ due to lock down to come back to their homelands and get self quarantined at their home themselves.

This regulations state that those who wish to return back to their homelands from Male’ must have no symptoms of Covid-19 and that the cost will be handled by the government.

HPA informed that it is the responsibility of the Public Health Unit of the island and the island council to confirm whether the accommodation designated to the individuals who travel to the islands are up to the requirements of the regulation.

The regulations says that anyone that can be included in the following category must not be in the same accommodation as someone who is in home quarantine. They are:

  • anyone over 60 years.
  • anyone pregnant.
  • anyone having asthma.
  • anyone with any type of kidney disease.
  • anyone with diabetes.
  • anyone with severe diseases such as heart disease.

The people to be quarantined must be kept in a room separated from anyone else living in the house and if more than one person is being quarantined in one room then there must be minimum 3 feet distance between each bed. It is also necessary for these people to use a separate bathroom when in home quarantine.