JUST IN: Home quarantined foreigner tests positive for Covid-19 in Addu

The 16-kilometres (9.9 mi) Addu Link Road causeway is the second longest paved causeway in the Maldives. It joins Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, Maradhoo-feydhoo, Feydhoo, and Gan | Photo: Naj

Addu City, Maldives – A foreigner who was home quarantined in Feydhoo, Addu City has tested positive for Covid-19.

The individual has been confirmed to have tested positive for the coronavirus after samples were collected and tests upon the completion if his 14 day travel related quarantine period.

No further details have been released with regards to the case of yet. With this, the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in Addu City as of today is reached 70. However, only this patient remains as an active case.

As for the Maldives, currently the total number of cases is at 11,358 with 931 active cases. More than  90% of the cases have recovered in the country, as daily new infections are observed to be decreasing.

With Maldives showing signs of a full recovery in terms of the novel coronavirus infections, the country has also started slowly easing up some restrictions imposed in various areas of the country.

Maldives now has a total of 11,358 confirmed Covid-19 cases until date. Out of this, 10,383 people have recovered so far and 37 people have lost their lives to the virus. According to HPA, the recovery rate in Maldives has increased rapidly from less than 60% to 90% over the past month.