President to announce border re-opening dates

Photo: President's Office

Male’, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is expected to revealed the border re-opening dates today.

Speaking at the Petitions Committee of the Parliament this morning, Tourism Minister Ali Waheed said that the President is scheduled to deliver a national address later today, where he will be announcing the date on which the borders of Maldives will re-open.

“I believe the President will deliver a national address sometime today during which he will shed light on this. What I mean is, he will announce the date on which Maldives will reopen for tourists,” Ali Waheed said.

The President’s Spokesperson, Ibrahim Hoodh announced in a tweet today that there will be a press conference at the President’s Office at 16:30 today, which has now been pushed up to 16:15.

This is the first time the President will be participating in a press conference since he announced the closure of borders due to Covid-19, although he has addressed the nation several times since then.